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Mulan Chinese Restaurant
Down Town Webster city 500 &2nd St.
lunch buffet $4.99

Tel.755-3398Lunch Special $3.95
 All dishes servred with soup and egg roll or crab rangoon



Almond or cashew chicken
*Kung pao chicken
Chicken Chow mein
Chicken chop suey

Moo goo gai pan
Broccoli chicken
Chicken Vegetables
Sweet & sour chicken
Chicken egg fo yong
Szechwan chicken

Garlic chicken
Springfield cashew chicken
Lemon Chicken
*Sha cha chicken
*General Tso's chicken
*Empress chicken
*Curry chicken
Chichen fried rice


Beef vegetables
Pepper steak
*Szchuan beef
Beef mushroom
Beef broccoli
Kung pao beef
Beef egg foo yong
Beef chow mein
Beef chop suey

Mongolian Beef
Beef fried rice
Beef lo mein
*Sha cha beef


Sweet & sour pork
*Szchuan pork
pork egg foo yong
Pork chow mein
Pork chop suey

Pork lo mein
Pork mashroom
Pork fried rice


Shrimp vegetable
Cashew shrimp
*Curry Shrimp
Szechuan shrimp
Kung pao Shrimp
Shrimp egg foo yong
Broccoli shrimp
Shrimp lo mein
Sweet & sour shrimp
Shrimp chow mein
Shrimp chop suey
Shrimp fried rice
Shrimp lobster sauce
Garlic shrimp


Triple Delight
Sweet & sour combo
Shrimp and beef 
Egg foo yong combo
House fried rice
*Szechuan combo
*Kung pao combo
Phoenix and Dragon
Cashew or almond chichen and shrimp
House lo mein

Happy family



Tofu vegetables
Vegetable fried rice
*Szechuan vegetables
Broccoli in oyster sauce
Vegetable lo mein
Mixed fresh vegetable 
*Szechuan broccoli
Vegetable egg foo yong
*indicates spicy