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Apple Chinese Restaurant 252-8800

lunch buffet $4.95
Lunch Special $3.95
 All dishes servred with daily soup or egg roll or crab rangoon

cashew chicken
*Kung pao chicken

chicken chow mein
moo goo gai pan
cashew chicken
Broccoli chicken
szechuan chicken*
Chicken Vegetables
Sweet & sour chicken
Szechwan chicken


Beef chow mein
szechuan beef
Pepper steak
*Szchuan beef

Beef broccoli

Mongolian Beef

Shrimp vegetable
shrimp chow mein

*Szechuan shrimp

veg. shrimp
Shrimp lo mein
Sweet & sour shrimp
shrimp with loberster sauce
Triple Delight
combo fried rice

House lo mein
general Tso's chicken
chicken fried rice
shimp fried rice
chicken lo mein
shrimp lo mein
combo lo mein


*indicates spicy