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Smart    Safe

The intelligence burglary resistant safe and the intelligence cash chest sell well in many countries and parts of the world for its super performance, hard shell and novel-stye inteligence locks.

1. the shell is made of thick steel plate and the important part of it made of bullet compound layers.

2.Fixed on or inlaid in the wall with the inside hidden expansion bolts.

3.It can be opened without a key. by a pass code or IC card.

4. LCD display window.

5.1000 billion pass codes to choose.

6.The inside memmroy can store opening information of 100 times for your refeferance.

7.The light touch key board is well touched and long lasting, it is indicated with tone and light if it pressed.

8.Low energy, 4AA battery will last a year or more.

9. Infraed ray remote controoler or emergency IC card can be used to open it when pass code is forgotten.

10.The alarm will sound when moved, hit, cut, drilled.

11.the alarm will sound when when wrong code is sent 3 times.

12.It can be connected to the phone line and alarm system.

13.It has an automatic telephone alarm, and the computer has language alarm.

*Customer made locker is available.

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