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China adoption Program

Our plan is safe and most inexpensive plan to adopt baby from China. You may use our agency to do the whole dossier or you may choose your own agency or a social worker to do the homestudy and other requirments. You may also file you own INS files in a local INS office. When you have a complete dossier You may send to us. We will do the rest until you get the baby. If you have children or you are under 35 the baby you adopt will be "special needs". But all "SN" babies our families adopted are fine. Once your files submit to China Adoption Center we will monitor every procedure. Usually it will take 8-10months before you can get the baby. When you get the refferal we will make sure the baby is ok. When you travel to China our representive(bi-lingual) will be with you and help you to do all the adoption procedure. It will take 10-14 days to bring the baby back. We helped the agencies and the families all over United States and every famliy is happy. You may surf on the internet to see which way is the best way to adopt a baby . All we do is to help the baby in China find a home and make the adoptive family happy.

Fees:( This fee will be waived when choosing Special addition )

China representive service :$500

International phone/fax :$500

Travel arrangement :$ 50

Miscellaneous :$400

Total $1450 (This fee paid when you receive the referral, before the travel. If we can not get baby for you this fee will be fully returned)

Other fees pay to Chinese government

Chinese Consulate USA $700(pay to Chinese consulate)

China adoption Center $565 ( paid when you submit your dossier to China )

Notary fee around $500

Civil notarazation $100-200

Baby's passport $200

Orphanage donation $3000 ( paid when you have baby )

Travel extra

* in China different cities fees are a little different, but not much.

If you have any questions please contact

China Adoption Helper Special Addition